Business Services

Process Evaluation/Development

Business processesAs businesses grow, so must the way they operate.  As businesses strategically change, so must the way they do business.  Understanding what parts of the current operation will work as a company grows is very important when developing plans and staffing requirements as companies evolve.  Once a baseline is determined a plan needs to be implemented and followed to attain success.  As new processes are brought online, proper measurement and evaluation is critical so they can be improved and tailored specifically for your company.




Corporate and Social Responsibility Plan

corporate_social_responsibilityTo really be a sustainable company you need to have a plan that addresses the interaction between Social, Environment and Economic principles.  For example economic success at the expense of 90 hour work weeks for you employees can only last a short time.  Employee retention is the easiest way for companies to limit expenses related to training and education.  Understanding the intricacies of a CSR plan can go a long way to creating long-term sustainability.



Vision, Mission, Value Development

vision-mission-valuesHaving a solid base to build your company on will ensure stability when you are looking out of your corner office on the top floor of the high-rise.  One company we worked with had an incredible values statement, which was posted in every room, in every building.  These values reminded employees what decisions needed to be made and ensured the company was operated and presented in the manner the executives wanted.  Honesty was high on the list and the employees were encouraged to be honest at all times during internal and external business interactions.  Most companies also have safety high on the list.  “No task shall be done, if it cannot be done safely” is what one value statement promoted in our industry.  The corporate vision is meant to inspire and the mission is the road map.

All of these together will attract, retain and motivate people to want to be a part of your organization.