Leadership and Management Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Calm_LeaderThe best leadership coaching is done with one on one sharing experiences and studying principles.  Many people say leaders are born not created, well to some extent we believe that but everyone can get better at the execution part of leading.  Building relationships, NLP, dealing with stress, building high performing teams, conflict management are many aspects of a good leader that must be learned.  Personality profiling is another important tool that can be used to determine how a leader will react in certain situations.  Strong leadership brings power to a company and the employees enjoy working there.



Management Coaching

Performance-ManagementAs many are aware there is a drastic difference between management and leadership.  While leadership focuses on getting people to do a task, management focuses on operations, profitability, business development and other aspects of running a company.  Within management coaching we teach marketing, sales , organizational behaviour, finance, ethics, strategic management techniques, change management, accounting, economics, innovation techniques and principles and management techniques all based on masters level courses.  It is not easy to run a business at any level.  Chances are if you are CEO of a multinational corporation you do not need coaching but likely your front line managers do.  Give them the best chance to succeed.



Sales Training and Monitoring

Sales-ManagementLearn the best techniques from the professionals.  One on one training and studying with concepts and processes designed and perfected by the some of the best in the business.  Learn what works and what doesn’t, gaining efficiency is the best way to become successful in sales.  With our training you will learn that sales is not just a numbers game, sales success comes from a formula.