PictureJamie Deisting, MBA, PMP

President / CEO

Mr. Deisting began his career as a tradesman in the oil and gas sector of Alberta.  From there, realizing that leadership was lacking in the industry he made it his mission to excel in this department.  Mr. Deisting was leading jobs as a young 21 year old apprentice which provided challenges.  As he grew as a leader so did the trust of his colleagues.  Shortly after becoming a journeyman Mr. Deisting entered the office environment doing design, proposals and coordination.  After a few years of success in this department he decided to change gears and took a Start-Up and Commissioning role at Syncrude Canada.  Mr. Deisting met a lot of great people here and developed the entrepreneurial bug.  A plan was born to gain experience and education through self-development and formal training.  After completing the contract at Syncrude he returned to the office and became Branch Manager at the company he previously left.  In a very short time he increased earnings ten fold and doubled revenues.  In the fall of 2008 Mr. Deisting was presented an opportunity to build a construction group for an engineering firm.  This was going to be a challenge as the financial markets collapsed all around him but he was up for the challenge.  As he came on board with the new company he was able to increase revenues in 2009 nine fold over the previous year, another success.  After two years another opportunity arose where he had the opportunity to start over and build another construction division.  Mr. Deisting acted as a project manager implementing many new processes that took a company from low margins on project to higher, sustainable margins.  Mr. Deisting also was able to bring a large contract to this company and successfully executed it as one of the highest margin lump sum project the company had ever take on.  In 2012 Mr. Deisting secured a contract with an engineering firm as part of the project team for a global oil and gas company operating a SAGD facility.  That project was very successful.  Since 2011 Mr. Deisting has achieved his Project Management Professional (PMP) status as well as his Masters in Business Administration (MBA).