Personality Profiles

Personality Profiling

personality profilesPersonality profiles are one of the simplest and most effective things a business can do to help their employees, sales people, managers and leaders succeed.  If you have never taken a real (not a random website) personality profile you may not fully understand how important it really is.  To illustrate, have you noticed that the accountants rarely interact well with the HR group?  It is not just your company it is everywhere.  Often the nature of their personality is in conflict.  Accountants who are careful and cautious often come across as sounding condescending to a sincere and sensitive HR person.  They have a task focus verses a people focus.  As a manager or boss having access to this information can critical when grooming people for new roles within your company.  We offer personality profiles geared toward; workplace, management, leadership and sales.



Personality Profile Comparison

personality compareNow that you have your people profiled the real fun can begin.  Our tools allow comparison reports between any and all of your employees, managers, leaders, sales people to show how to best interact with each other.  If you want to know what the make up of your team is we can generate a report to show where the holes and strengths might be.  I can show you your companies culture, which will enlighten you to some of the choices and attitudes toward your company exist.  For example if you have a lot of conscientious, detailed oriented people in your outside sales group, the orders will never be wrong but they present a bit of a cold front which lacks in things like small talk.  That interaction reflects on your company.  It might be better to have influencers in these roles, which will reflect well and possibly get up sell opportunities.  Building two or more person team often require a balanced approach to personality profiles and doing these comparisons so you know they will work well together is critical.